easy way to customize child router based on parent route param

The problem we want to resolve:

  1. in top level router, we have user page defined as {route: "user/:id", ...}.
  2. in user page, we build 2nd level child router. We want to show different routes for different user type, for instance, show “admin” tab for admin user.

We have a problem here. The User component configureRouter(config, router) is processed before canActivate/activate(params) callbacks. This means you don’t know the user id when building the routes table in configureRouter(config, router).

Well, there is an undocumented feature of child router. The child router configureRouter(config, router) actually gets extra arguments passed in from navigationInstruction, the first of those extra arguments is the params of parent route!

This means we can do this:

export class User() {
    configureRouter(config, router, params) {
        this.router = router;
        this.id = params.id;

        return ajaxToGetUser(this.id).then(user => {
            let routes = [
                    route: '', name: 'details', title: 'Details',
                    nav: true, moduleId: './user/details'

            if (user.isAdmin) {
                    route: 'admin', name: 'admin', title: 'Admin',
                    nav: true, moduleId: './user/admin'


In addition, now you have user instance while build the routes table, which means you can put it in settings on all sub-routes if you want {route: '', settings: {user}, ...}.

Note: this undocumented feature is safe to use, it is here to stay.

Note: please don't abuse this feature. Dynamic routes are not encouraged by @davismj (the current aurelia-router maintainer), read more about his opinion here.

Written by @huochunpeng, 02/19/2018

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