Aurelia tips and tricks

This document, which is not a classic prototype of a guide, has been mentioned many times in conversations on "what would be really nice to have" when writing Aurelia applications without having years of Aurelia experience. While we all agree that Aurelia can be nearly completely non-intrusive, making you feel like writing a plain JavaScript application, it is snippets like The easy way to customize child router based on parent router param, which is not a part of any existing document on Aurelia, but rather an "experience based derivative"

In order to further define the process of creation and publishing Aurelia tips and tricks, this same post by @huochunpeng created an interesting discussion with @bigopon and @davismsj (both current or ex core team members) so it can serve as a great example of such process.

At this initial moment, let's keep the detailed requirements for contribution in this document delayed until there is sufficient set of contributions that could suggest the proper classification into categories.

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