About AUCS

Executive Summary

The Aurelia Users Community Space (AUCS) Guides Project is the result of an effort by the Aurelia Users Community to address several important issues. The following text explains a little bit about AUCS goals, project status and how/why you should get involved...

  • Aurelia, as a platform, needs additional well-written guides, blogs, tutorials, code snippets, etc. particularly written by non-core team members. This is the primary work that AUCS team members are attempting, using the motto Aurelia developers for Aurelia developers.

  • The AUCS team wants to use its resources to address several initial problems for all Aurelia Framework "newbies", by addressing "higher level" topics than are currently covered by the official Aurelia guides , using the experience from working-through these same issues. This comes as a consequence of our belief that there is a relatively big difference between Framework Developers and Application Developers, despite the fact that there is an intersection between these two groups of people.

  • Our team is growing rapidly and desires to grow more so that we can deliver a lot of very well-written guides, blogs, tutorials, code snippets, architectural analyses, etc.

  • In order to ensure the best possible outcome of AUCS, the community members are being asked to participate in all decisions (via surveys that are currently posted at the Aurelia Discourse forum.

  • Our first deliverable - AUCS Portal, visually similar to the official Aurelia Website was first time deployed early January, only 6 days after the realization that we ought to have it in order to publish our materials continuously and without interference with the core team (see next item below)

  • AUCS is completely independent from Aurelia proper and the core team though we are in constant contact with Aurelia leadership. Such independence is the best way to create what we plan to do, without overloading the Aurelia leadership before we have substantial content to contribute.

  • All components of our "product line" are only few weeks old and are therefore less mature than even an alpha.

  • If you are interested in more details of the AUCS Guides project please check the (still evolving) document describing the project internals - AUCS Project Guide (Note the difference between AUCS Guides project and AUCS Project Guide).

The AUCS website should be considered as the "aggregator and a transient station" between the Aurelia Community and Aurelia core team. This means that it offers a buffer of content that's intended to eventually be moved to the Aurelia website, when ready. To further facilitate this, all of our data is formatted as markdown files - the AUCS website provides a structured interface to this data.

Few related articles on project's creation history:

We'd love for you to get involved! Please join The Aurelia Users Community Space and help us build the next set of great documentation for Aurelia!

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